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The Family Portrait

Planning the perfect surprise present for her husband, Tanya Tate books photographer Brett Rossi to shoot a family portrait of Tanya with her step daughter Samantha Hayes. They look like twins in matching black dresses with ringlets in their long flowing hair. But little Samantha is much shyer than her MILF step mom. Brett helps the teen come out of her shell, getting her to lighten up in front of the camera, and have fun posing like model. Brett snaps a lot of photos and gradually gets the girls into sexier positions. Tanya wants the photos to look intimate to reflect their close bond, but Samantha needs convincing when the poses get a little more risque. After all, her father will see them! She reluctantly agrees to show her pink panties in the picture, sitting with her legs spread. But then the dress comes off, followed by the bra and panties, and Samantha has nothing left to remove. That’s when Brett suggests that Tanya takes off her dress. She positions the naked brunettes in various positions, depicting sex acts between mother and daughter. But soon the positions become more sex and less act. Samantha is a virgin and no one’s put a tongue on her clit before her step mom. Brett puts the camera on a self-timer, and inserts herself into the lesbian sex scene. Tanya and Brett team up on Samantha, fingering and tribbing the teen’s pussy, then eating her like the meat between their sandwich! Watch HD Turkish subtitled anne kız lezbiyen porn for free.

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