Paul, en yakın arkadaşı Dave’in evindeyken Dave üvey annesi Sharon ile seks yaptığını ağzından kaçırır. Paul şok olur ve ilk başta Dave’e inanmaz. Her zaman Sharon’ın Dave’den hoşlandığı konusunda şakalaşırlardı ama aslında buna asla inanmazlardı. HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı annesini arkadaşıyla beraber sikti porno filmi izle.


Paul (Dante Colle) is over at his best friend Dave’s house when Dave (Codey Steele) blurts out that he had sex with his stepmom, Sharon (Sheena Ryder)! Paul is shocked and at first, doesn’t believe Dave. They always joked about Sharon having a thing for Dave, but they never actually BELIEVED it. Dave assures Paul that he’s serious – last night he accidentally walked in on Sharon as she was taking a shower. It wasn’t the first time that’s happened over the years but this time something – Dave can’t quite put his finger on what exactly – was different. Sharon just gave him this LOOK, and then one thing led to another. Paul seems blown away by what Dave is telling him, but also a little jealous. Paul hasn’t done much to hide his attraction to Sharon ever since she joined the family. As they talk more about the sex, Paul’s eyes glint opportunistically as he gets an idea. He suggests that next time it DOES happen… maybe HE could join in too? Dave is surprised by the suggestion and initially refuses. No way! What a fucked up thing to ask! But Paul argues that Dave shouldn’t be the only one who gets to have all the fun – Dave knows he’s always had a thing for Sharon, so as Dave’s best friend, Paul should get a piece of the action too! For the first time, Dave seems to be seriously considering it, but still hesitates. Paul then reminds him of all the things that HE’S done for Dave over the years, adding ‘You OWE me, man!!’ This is almost enough to convince Dave, but he still expresses doubt, worrying that – even IF Sharon agreed to it – having a threesome with his best friend might be too weird. Paul retorts that it’s certainly no weirder than a guy having sex with his stepmom, and Dave can’t argue with that. He finally relents and agrees to do Paul the favor and ask. Watch HD Turkish subtitled annesini arkadaşıyla beraber sikti porn for free.

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