Nora, sürekli olarak kocasının beceriksizliğinden ve iticiliğinden yakınır. Son hatasından sonra kocası telafi için bir alışveriş sözü verir. Ancak aniden hiç tanışmadığı üvey oğlu ziyaretlerine geldiğinde Nora’nın fikri değişir. Kocasından istediği telafi alışveriş yerine üvey oğlunu elde etmeye dönüşür ve kocası da bunun sorun etmez. HD 1080p Türkçe Kit Mercer altyazılı izle ve indir.


SCENE OPENS to Nora (Kit Mercer) fussing with her outfit and not looking completely happy with it. Her husband Roger (Jimmy Broadway) tries to reassure her by saying that she looks great, but Nora still appears unsatisfied. Roger and Nora are recently married, and Roger’s boy (Nora’s new stepson) Mark (Alex Jett) is coming home from college today. Nora glares at Roger, saying it’s HIS fault that her new dress didn’t arrive on time. If he had paid for faster shipping instead of using the CHEAPEST shipping method, she wouldn’t be in this situation. Roger is desperate to keep Nora happy, and offers to take her out on a shopping spree sometime, to make it up to her. Later, Mark arrives, pulling up to the house where Nora and Roger are waiting for him. Everyone exchanges greetings, with Mark and Nora introducing themselves to each other. Roger seems happy to see Mark, while Mark’s reaction to Roger is pleasant but more reserved. Mark and Nora are warmer to each other, with Nora especially seeming to like what she sees. Nora hugs Mark, and then Mark says that he still has some more of his belongings in the car and that he’ll be right back. As Mark walks away, Nora points at him, with a hungry expression on her face. Nora tells Roger that instead of the shopping spree, she wants… Mark. Download HD Turkish Kit Mercer altyazılı izle porn for free.Roger is in disbelief that Nora wants to have sex with Mark. She asks Roger if he’s refusing her request, but he is unable to stand up to her. Nora says that Roger will watch while she has Mark for ‘dessert’ after they eat. A little later, Nora and Mark are relaxing on the couch after the meal. Roger is sitting with them as well, but he looks nervous. Mark says that he still can’t get over how good Nora’s cooking was, and smiles fondly at her. Nora smiles back, and says that now would be a good time for the dessert surprise. Nora then tells Roger that HE should be the one to explain the surprise to Mark. Roger looks horrified and ashamed at the idea of being the one to tell Mark about this. Nora continues to look at Roger expectantly, while Mark seems puzzled. Roger regretfully tries to explain to Mark what Nora wants, but he can’t and ends up stammering. Nora then impatiently steps in and tells Mark about the ‘surprise’ instead, saying that she wants to have sex with him right in front of Roger. At first, Mark is taken aback, but it quickly becomes clear that he resents Roger and decides to give Nora what she wants. Roger’s about to pay the price for being a pushover…

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