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Mom Shows Me Her Bald Pussy

I Showed You Mine Now Show Me Yours Cory is standing in the shower, letting the water and soap drip down her body. Cory pulls out her razor and she starts to shave her bush, while you watch. The water drips down her body as she continues to shave herself. I walk into the bathroom just as the water turns off, and I offer to hand my step-mom a towel. She tells me that the reason she shaved her bush is because she has a client who prefers no hair. She asks me if I like it bald, and she tells me to touch it and feel how smooth it is. I feel a bit uncomfortable since this is my step-mom, but she’s also a hot MILF so I am easily convinced. She gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob until my cock is nice and hard! Then she stands up and leans against the shower door so I can start to fuck her pussy from behind. I want to fuck her ass next, so I have her spread her ass cheeks for me and I slide on in! I keep fucking her ass and pussy back and forth, in no particular order! I love treating my step-mom like the naughty whore she is! When I am ready to cum, I explode deep inside of her ass hole…! Description: Stuck Under The Bed Looking For The Remote- Cory walks into her bedroom and she accidentally drops the TV remote underneath the bed. She reaches her arms and her upper body under the bed, to try and grab the remote. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful at grabbing the remote, and she also got herself stuck under the bed! She starts calling out my name ‘Luke’ over and over, until I come to her rescue. I walk over to her and I try to pull her out, but it doesn’t seem to be working. My step-mom tells me that I should make her cum while she is stuck in this position, and then she believes it will be easier for her to get out. I shove my cock deep in her ass hole, and then I try to suction her out from under the bed! Every time I pull my cock out of her ass, I watch her ass hole gape really wide! I finally fuck her ass so hard that she is able to pull herself out! She wants to continue fucking me because she hasn’t cum yet, so she hops on the bed and she holds her legs up near her head. I start to fuck her pussy this time and then I switch to her ass hole again. I lie down on the bed and I allow my step-mom to climb on top of me. She rides my cock with her ass hole, in the cowgirl position. She tells me what a good boy I am for helping her out! I love watching my step-mom bounce up and down on my cock! When I am ready to cum, I explode all over her face and in her mouth! I love giving my step-mom the Luke special! Before I run off to take a shower, she reminds me that we cannot tell my step-dad about any of this… Watch HD Turkish subtitled duş alan annesini sikiyor porn.

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