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Seducing My Step-Son

Hi step-son! I’m glad you’re up… even though it is quite late. We’ve already had breakfast… but you are hungry, aren’t you? Ofcourse you are… should I make you something? What would you like? I can cook something or…. a sandwich? Are you sure? Ok, I’ll make you a sandwich. While I am making your food I want you to tell me all about how college has been! I want to know everything! You met a girl? Really? Wow…. it’s that serious? You haven’t even known her that long… how can it be serious? What?? You are going to vow to remain a virgin, never masturbate again and are getting married to her? Why ever would you do that step-son? Because she’s mormon?? Are you serious? What were you thinking? You must have picked the most prudish girl in the entire school to fall in love with!Honey! I am very worried for you! I think you are moving far to quickly to be thinking about remaining a virgin and getting married! You are a young man, you have needs and I absolutely do NOT think you should be making these promises to some cheap little girlfriend you have! Well I’m sorry if you don’t like it but that’s the way I feel. You are my baby boy… I am not happy with you devoting yourself to another woman. I’m afraid you will get hurt….Step-Mommy has everything you will ever need…. step-mommy knows exactly what you crave… and step-mommy will never hurt you. There’s not a woman in the world who can take care of you like step-mommy can! Oh why are you acting like this? You don’t have any feelings for your step-mommy? That’s a lie! You can confess your love for your girlfriend all you want but you know that step-mommy is the only woman that can satisfy your needs. Just admit it! Watch HD Turkish Taboo Kristi altyazılı porno for free.Fine… maybe you are right… maybe you don’t need step-mommy anymore. Maybe you do know exactly what you are doing with your life… that’s fine… maybe step-mommy’s baby boy is all grown up and doesn’t have feelings for step-mommy…. if that’s the case, take your sandwich and go get back to your studies. Step-Mommy wouldn’t want to disturb you, I know how demanding college can be. Step-Mommy has something to do anyways… see, I have been planning to go lay out on the back porch and get some sun so I really do need to oil my body up so I don’t get burned. I’m sure you won’t mind if I take this robe off, right? It’s not like you get a hard on for step-mommy…. honey, can you help me put some oil on my back? I can’t reach it!Oh yes… that feels so good… mmmmm… oh, what’s that I feel… is that a buldge in your pants? You do want step-mommy, don’t you? Oh yes, I can see the desire in your eyes… you want me so bad. You want to experience every part of step-mommy… and you can…. but, you must do something for me first. Before step-mommy will give herself to you, you have to prove that you are still step-mommy’s baby boy… you have to break up with your girlfriend! I’ll give you a couple of days to do it and so you can really appreciate all that step-mommy does for you… come back when you are ready to experience all of what step-mommy wants to give you…

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