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Cumming In My Stepmoms Face Cream

Juan Loco is really into his new stepmommy, Katie Morgan. He doesn’t feel like he can be honest about his feelings, so he takes matters into his own hands to express himself in other ways. One morning, Katie is in the kitchen minding her own business when she hears a sound coming from her bedroom. When she goes to investigate, she finds Juan with his back to her, cumming into her face cream. Although Katie could be mad about Juan’s inappropriate behavior, she finds that she’s more turned on than anything else. It gives her an idea of how to go from here so they can all be satisfied.Later that day, Katie has changed into workout clothes when Juan walks in and sees her in her tight little outfit. He turns to go, but Katie has seen him. She calls him in for a talk. While they’re chatting, Katie drops that her skin is so youthful and tight thanks to her face cream. That gives Juan the opportunity to admit what he has done. Katie is prepared for this; she tells Juan that it’s too tight in between her thighs and then asks for his help. As Juan reluctantly agrees, Katie gets increasingly handsy. Juan tries to defuse the situation, but there’s no stopping his curvy stepmama from getting what she wants: Juan’s cock in her mouth and more. Watch free HD Turkish subtitled annesinin kremine boşaldı porn.By the time Katie has gotten Juan’s dick in hand, it’s nice and hard. How could he not be with that voluptuous body his for the taking? Katie goes to work, sloppy sucking and stroking. When Katie gets on her hands and knees for Juan to give it to her, he doesn’t hesitate to slide on home and deliver. Taking a seat on the couch, Juan uses his hands to support Katie as se rides the salami in reverse cowgirl. When she turns around, it just gives her the leverage to shove her huge titties into Juan’s face to suckle as she keeps on riding him. There’s no stopping this horny mommy as she falls onto her back and spreads ’em nice and wide for Juan to bring her off one last time. When it’s time for Juan to pop, he pulls out and delivers his cum shot on her stomach, making it easy for Katie to rub it all over her lower body.

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