Kocasının bir haftalık iş gezisi için şehir dışına çıkmasıyla üvey oğluyla baş başa kalmak zorunda kalan olgun üvey anne Natasha Nice, ona haddinden fazla rahatlık vererek adeta kocasının yerine koyar ve koca götünü ve memelerini sere serpe ortaya koyar. Ergen üvey oğlunun anında kalkan taş gibi sikini narin elleriyle kavrayıp kıvrak dil darbelerini ardı arkasına savuran sürtük, genç yarağı tatmayalı yıllar olduğunu her halinden belli ederek çılgınlar gibi orgazma ulaşır. HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı Natasha Nice üvey anne porno izle ve indir.

Stepmoms Roleplay

Jay Romero isn’t terribly happy having his new stepmother Natasha Nice around the house. His dad is on a business trip, but Jay starts yelling for him anyway. Natasha goes to see what Jay wants, but Jay refuses to engage with her. Natasha tells Jay to clean his room, then leaves. The cycle continues a few more times with Jay yelling for his dad over silly things and Natasha reminding him that his dad isn’t around. Eventually, exasperated, Natasha gives Jay a #1 Dad mug and shirt and tells him that he’s the dad now and he can do anything his dad can do. Anything. That prompts Jay to lash out in a whole new way. He yells for Natasha “Sweet Tits” to bring him a beer. When Natasha tells him that he didn’t marry a 1950s housewife, Jay offers a back massage instead. He tells Natasha he can rub her shoulders deeper if she takes her top, and then the bra off. When Jay offers to rub her legs, Natasha calls out his boner. From there, it’s only a matter of moments before Jay has dropped to his knees and buried his face between his stepmommy’s thighs. When Natasha doesn’t tell Jay no, he escalates further by getting to his feet and shoving that boner right into her greedy snatch. He of course takes the opportunity to fill his palms with Natasha’s bouncing big titties. Getting on her hands and knees, Natasha invites Jay back inside to fuck her in doggy. Then she rides that nice stiffie in reverse cowgirl as her big ass and huge boobs jiggle! Finally sated for the time being, Natasha gets on her knees and sucks and strokes Jay until he’s close. Then she gives him a titty fuck until he blasts off all over her sweater puppies. Watch HD Turkish subtitled Natasha Nice üvey anne porn for free.

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