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Son Creampies Stuck Yoga Mom

Step-Mom is in the living room practicing her yoga. In her skin tight, white yoga pants and her little blue sports top, step-mom stretches and tones her MILF body. When she gets into the cat pose, step-mom’s back gives out, she’s stuck on all fours, unable to move. Step-Mom calls for help, ‘Step-Son? Is that you? Can you help me? I’m stuck. Please help me up.’ As her dutiiful step-son, you could obey and assist your step-mother, or, you could make the most of this scenario. Is step-mom doing yoga without any panties on? And, is that a wet patch you see between her legs? Step-Mom’s voluptuous booty looks so curvaceous, so appealing in those tight white yoga pants. You can’t help it, you have to reach out and start touching your step-mother. Step-Mom protests of course, ‘Stop that right now! How dare you. You are in so much trouble young man! You better not be getting your dick out!’ Of course you are. The temptation is too great. You rip down your step-mom’s yoga pants, exposing her moist MILF pussy. Ignoring her orders for you to stop, you slip your fingers inside of her and start massaging her g-spot. Your lust builds the wetter your step-mother gets. The more she tells you you are a naughty young man, the more wicked you want to be. You position yourself behind her and slide in. My god! Your step-mother’s pussy is so warm and inviting. You fuck her hard. At first she protests, but then she begins to call you names, telling you how pathetic you are, ‘No wonder you can’t get a girlfriend. You’re just a sad little man who has to fuck his step-mother. The only reason you’re fucking me is because I can’t stop you.’ You keep going, fucking your step-mother until she cums on your dick. She’s so ashamed that she came from her step-son’s dick. She has one last request, ‘Please don’t come in me. You are young and fertile. If you cum in me you could get me pregnant.’ You know you should listen to her warning, but to hell with it, she feels too good to stop now. You explode inside your step-mother’s pussy. You unleash so much cum that when you pull out; it is like a volcano of cum erupts from your step-mother. You bubble and spurt out of her, soiling the gusset of her yoga pants. Watch HD Turkish subtitled yoga anne porno for free.

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