Maya Woulfe, bir sonraki masaj müşterisi John Legendary için odayı hazırlamaktadır. John geldiğinde, el sıkışırlar ve hal hatır sorarlar. Bu John’ın ilk Nuru masajı olacaktır ve bunu denemek için çok heyecanlıdır! İşin garibi, Maya da ilk kez NURU masajı yapacatır! O, NURU becerilerini test edeceği ilk müşterisi John’a tam olarak arzuladığı şeyi verebileceğini umuyor… HD 1080p Nuru Masaj 2022 porno izle ve indir.


It’s a beautiful day at the parlor as Maya Woulfe gets the room ready for her next massage client, John Legendary. When John arrives, they shake hands and exchange pleasantries. It’s revealed that John has booked his first-ever NURU massage and he’s super excited to give it a shot! Funnily enough, it’s Maya’s first time GIVING a NURU massage. He’s the first client she’ll be testing her NURU skills on, and she hopes she’ll be able to give John exactly what he desires. Maya first explains how they’ll both need to get totally naked for the massage- they’ll be using some special gel on each other and she wouldn’t want to get it on his nice clothes. John is taken aback- he had no idea he’d have to get naked. But hey, why not? They both start peeling off their clothes, shooting sneaky looks at each other’s bodies as they do. Once they’re both in the nude, John lies down on his stomach and gets ready for his first NURU experience. Maya begins by pouring the NURU gel all over herself as she straddles John’s back between her thighs. She then starts gliding over his back, pressing her breasts and belly against his skin. John comments on how great it feels- it seems like Maya is doing an incredible job for a first-timer. John then flips onto his back and lets Maya glide over his front, which leads to him getting hard as a rock. They may be beginners at NURU, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t experienced in other things… Maya and John have slippery, playful sex on the mat and love every second of it. Is it beginner’s luck? Perhaps. Or maybe these two newbies are just perfect for each other! Watch HD Nuru Masaj 2022 porno for free.

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