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Sex With a Conductor in the Toilet

I’m coming back to you from the express, gentlemen. I’m sure you understand I had to make amends to the conductor for the trouble with the beautiful 18. I’ve thought she might check my “ticket” for a good old cash hand job. Well, what do you think? Soon I was “making up” the wet cunt of the conductor in the toilet. Yeah, Czech cash, that’s a fucking compelling argument. When we arrived at our destination, I cum in her mouth until it was dripping out of her mouth, and I ran off. Outside on the platform, just for fun, I approached three girls, and guess what? They jumped right on the hook. The prettiest of them was much more aware of the necessity of saving for retirement, so I fucked her behind the station building. Her friends were making sure we weren’t disturbed. Just as I cum the last load of the day’s supply directly onto her cunt, another train pulled into the station. Fuck me, man! This has been an incredible ride. I fucked up everything in my path, and I was lucky the conductor wasn’t an old hairy man, dude! Enjoy.

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