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Nurse Shino Aoi has a sexy pussy that she uses to help her patient

Shino Aoi is a nurse, and is here helping patients with their medical problems. You might remember her here helping a man who could not reach orgasm. She sucked his cock and he blew his whole load of hot cum in her mouth. That was just one of her patients and how she helped him. She has done so much for the community that everyone seems to know about her and the patients are coming in out of the woodwork there are so many. She is a dedicated worker and is not going to stop until the entire community is healthy and they are all getting their cocks hard and sunk in some hot pussy. Today a man comes in to the clinic and the doctor is not there but she has it in hand so to speak. This new patient has a problem that he ejaculates too quickly and can not satisfy the woman he loves. This is a tough one for her as she is so sexy that it is very possible that the patient becomes too turned on and can not hold on long enough to enter her pussy before he shoots his cum all over. Shino is going to do her best though and she kisses him to start things off. She has him stick his finger in her mouth before she goes down on him and grabs his cock! This is just lovely and he is in heaven but trying his best not to cum. Go see what our lovely Miss Shino does next! Watch HD 1080p Japon hemşire porno for free!

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