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Filling Dad’s Shoes pt. 1

Paul (Chad Alva) arrives at his father’s house and enters the living room, picking up a pair of red panties lying on the couch. His stepmother (Alura Jenson) comes into the room chatting on her phone, and takes the panties from him, saying “These are mine”. She hugs him and says: “You’re probably wondering where your father is. If you figure that out, let me know. She sits on the couch and continues: “He went out last week and never came back. “He took the truck. I mean, I probably should have reported it but I think he was just tired.” Shaking her head, she goes on: “I know I should have said something but I just don’t know how. You’re not mad, are you?”. The camera shifts from side to side, indicating Paul’s No. “It’s so strange with him gone. I’m so used to him sitting here, all day, all night. I come home from work and there he’d be, sitting right there”, she says, motioning along the couch. “Well, I’m glad you’re here. I was getting pretty lonely. Listen, I know in many ways we’re practically strangers, I mean, it wasn’t too long before I was with your father that we got married, but I still think of you as a son. I really hope you’ll stay.” Smiling as she twists the red panties in her hands she asks: “Will you? We’re going to have a lot of fun, aren’t we?”. The camera nods Paul’s Yes. “Let me show you to your room -it’s not quite as you remember it. I’ve changed a few things around”. Stepmom takes his hand and leads Paul to the bedroom. “I know it’s a bit different, but it’s nice, right? I’ve had a few girlfriends stay here. It’s usually a guest room, but that’s why it’s so feminine. You’re not too much of a man to be mad about that, are you?”. Camera moves side to side indicating Paul’s No. “You know sometimes your dad could drink too much, I would stay in here too, it’s cozy. But you don’t want to hear that kind of gossip. It was bad, you believe me, right?”. “Good, because I don’t want you to think I drove him away. I’m a good wife. I’m not mad that he’s gone. He didn’t treat me right, and I’m happy you’re here. The nights have been hard. Okay, well it looks like I’m going to have to get used to being a bit more dressed”, she notes, buttoning up her sweater to better cover her massive breasts. “I have gotten way too used to being alone”. She gets up from sitting on the bed and says: “Well, I’m really happy you’re here and I hope you get some good sleep”, and leaves the room. That night Paul is in bed reading a book, as thunder sounds and lighting flashes from a storm outside. Stepmom comes to his room, wearing a robe that covers her ample figure. Paul puts his book down as she asks from the doorway: “Did it wake you up too? Can I come in?”. The camera nods Paul’s Yes. “I heard a sound the other day -I couldn’t sleep at all”, she says, getting on the bed with him. “I know your father’s useless, but at least I could sleep with a man in the house, although I doubt he’d protect me.” Smiling, she says: “Would you protect me?”. The camera nods Paul’s Yes. Yawning she says: “I feel I’m falling asleep and you don’t want that.” Stepmom gets up and Paul grabs her hand. “I really shouldn’t. You don’t look much like him”, referring to his dad. She heads for the door, but then turns to ask him: “Do you ever get lonely? I guess we all do”. Throwing her hands up she complains: “You know I was so tired, and now I’m awake! You mind if I stay for a bit?”. Camera moves side to side for Paul’s No. She sits back down on the bed and says: “I’m sorry I’m so chatty – I’m just not used to being around anyone anymore. I find it so easy to talk with you.” Stepmom gets up and fixes her hair using the wall mirror. “It’s hard when you get older, when you’re younger it’s so much easier”. Sitting on the bed again she claims: “I know I’m still young, I guess I’m just being down a bit. Bad relationships I guess. Do you”… (she smiles) “Sorry, I was just going to ask you something, can I?”. Camera nods Paul’s Yes. “Do you find me attractive? I mean if I wasn’t your stepmother? I know I shouldn’t be asking, but it’s hard to know.” He reaches out and starts brushing her hair with his hand. “You’re an attractive young guy and I respect your opinion.” Paul starts to lightly fondle her breast through the heavy robe she’s wearing, and she says: “You don’t have to be gentle. I just want to know the truth”. Grabbing his hands she declares: “I don’t think we should be doing this. I hope you’re not doing this just to make me feel better. Oh, I never dreamed this could happen”, as he fondles her breasts again. “To tell you the truth, I’ve always imagined this, especially your cock”, as she touches his groin. She begins to stroke his belly, saying: “I want you -do you want me too? Thank you for making me so happy”. She exposes his cock and begins to lick it. “I don’t think it’ll fit in my mouth!”. Watch the story unfold.. Watch HD Turkish subtitled Alura Jenson sikiş porn for free.

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