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I Don’t Even Swallow For My Husband

It’s so wonderful to have such a capable man around the house again. My husband is useless when it comes to hard labor, but clearly you know how to handle big power tools. Can you imagine me, a little housewife, trying to use this heavy thing! I hope you don’t mind, I just need to squeeze between you and the cabinets while I look for something. Don’t hesitate to… pick me up and move me if I get in the way. Now, where did I put that thing. As the housewife bends over, her juicy, wide ass pushes out toward you, stretching the tight skirt to its limits. Her heeled foot pops up into the air, accentuating her shapely legs. Were you just staring at my ass?…At least someone appreciates it. You know, you’ve worked so hard today, relax and have a drink with me. Now…I realize that the arrangement was to pay you half now and half tomorrow…but I don’t happen to have any money on me. I’m sure we can work something out. How about I let you fuck me…without a condom. I’ll sweeten the deal and also suck your cock. You can cum all over my pretty face and I promise to swallow it too. I don’t even do that for my husband. Fantasy includes: blow job, facial, cum swallowing, flirting, seduction, virtual sex, doggystyle, desperate housewife, big butt, cleavage, heels, pov oral, pov sex. Watch HD Turkish subtitled kocasını aldatan kadın sikiş porn for free.

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