Reklam uzmanı seksi kız Chanel Preston, Seth Gamble’ın Nuru Masaj Salonu’nun reklamını yapmak üzere işe alınmıştır. Fakat reklamcı hatun Nuru Masaj’ın ne olduğunu bile bilmemektedir. Bir şeyin tanıtımını ve reklamını düzgün yapabilmek için öncelikle o şeyin ne olduğunu öğrenmesi gerekir. Patron Seth Gamble ise hatuna bu işi ilk elden bizzat öğretecektir! Hem amdan, hem götten! Anal HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı Chanel Preston masaj porno izle.

Remember, Nothing Sexual

When advertiser Chanel Preston tries to sell advertising at Seth Gamble’s NURU massage spa, she’s not upfront about admitting she’s never heard of NURU massage. When she comes clean about lying, Seth explains that her inexperience makes him question her ability to promote a business she doesn’t understand. The only way around it is to come for a massage. She’s not comfortable with getting a massage but wants the account. She would be willing to book an appointment some other time, but Seth insists they take care of it right now. She’s desperate for his business but she can’t help feeling uncomfortable, especially when he takes off his clothes, and then strips her naked too. Seth relieves her worries, insisting it’s nothing sexual. But when he brings her into the shower, Chanel doesn’t know how to react to his hands washing her body. She’s feeling the heat from Seth’s growing cock. Seth focuses on giving Chanel the bath part of the NURU experience. She sits between his legs in the bathtub while he massages her breasts. His erection digs into her back but she mistakes it for his thumb. He moves her onto the massage mattress and oils her body with NURU gel. Seth has a hard time concealing his erection for this part of the massage. But when she calls him out on his enjoyment, he abruptly ends the massage. At this point Chanel gets pissed. She tells him what he’s going to do to her holes, and that he’s giving her the account. Seth can’t argue with that. She gets to sucking like she promised. Then she climbs on top of Seth and sticks his dick deep inside her pussy. She fucks him like she’s been giving NURU massages all her life. He lies down sideways and inserts his cock into her ass. He fucks her asshole and rubs her hairy wet pussy till she cums crying in pleasure. The Chanel eats the ass off his dick, and fucks the cum out of his cock with her pussy! Watch HD Turkish subtitled Chanel Preston masaj porno for free.

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