Gündüz olmasına rağmen loş görünen okul binası… Bu okul kötü ruhların meskeni olmuş durumda! Kullanılmayan eski okul binasında tuvalete gizlenmiş bir iblise dönüşen “Hanako”!! Ve o iblisin peşinde olan bir İblis Kovucu! HD 1080p Türkçe MIMK-070 altyazılı porno izle ve indir.


The toilet of this old school has not been used for a while. In order to get rid of a girl-spirit that keeps lurking there, Hanako (Eimi Fukada), a powerful exorcist arrives. The exorcist (Sakurai Chintarou) can’t be bothered. He arrives determined to fight the ghost Nanako and do everything he can to win, even using his dick (minute 7, lol). Just because thats how he rolls. Now, MIMK-070 intro was pretty awesome and it’s a pretty fun watch. They jumped very violently into the sex action. And after that, the transition between scenes was really well done too. The feeling is that all scenes happen continuously. Non-stop action lads. Very good job with the 2 actors and Eimi ends up rekt on the floor. 4.5/5

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