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Horny Teacher Sleepover

There is a school trip and the students and the teacher will stay in a hotel, but there are not enough rooms, so the teacher has to share her room with one student. They use the same bed, but the teacher warns the student to stay in his side of the bed. She is used to rest naked, but this time because of the student, she gets in bed with the hotel bathrobe. Later, the teacher’s phone ring (text message), it’s her boyfriend. She texted him back telling him that she is in the hotel room and that everything it’s OK. Her boyfriend says he misses her and asks her for pics. She doesn’t know how to refuse because she doesn’t want to tell him that there is a student in the same bed with her. So, she opens her bath clothes a little and sends him some pictures showing her breasts. She thought the student was napping but he is not. She discovers the student looking at her and closes her bath robe as fast as she can. She tells the student to not say anything and to get back to rest. The student says he won’t tell anyone but with one condition. The teacher says something like: What are you insinuating? Having sex with you? Are you crazy? That’s not going to happen! The student says that then he want to see her naked. The teacher will tell him no, but she is interrupted by cellphone ringing (the boyfriend is calling).She takes the call while making a gesture to the student to keep quiet, to wait, that they will continue talking when she ends the call with her boyfriend. She talks with her boyfriend, while the student taking advantage of situation puts his hand on her leg and starts to go up inside her bath clothes. The teacher gives him a eye stare and try to keep off his hand while continue talking with her boyfriend. The student put his hand on her vagina and start masturbating her slowly. She gets very mad at first and tries to stop him, but it starts to feel good. She is conflicted about what she is doing, but she keeps talking with her boyfriend, keeping her moaning at low level so his boyfriend doesn’t realize what is happening. She is still conflicted but horny, so she put her hand in student’s penis and start masturbating him slowly. It was a wrong decision, that makes her even hornier so she can’t resist anymore, so just a seconds after touching the student penis she ends the phone call abruptly, put the phone on the bed, and she totally desperate by lust goes for student’s penis. She takes off student’s underwear and start giving him a blowjob like her life depends on that. She sucks his penis and tells the student that she needed a penis so much. Watch HD Turkish subtitled öğretmen porno for free.The phone starts ringing and she takes the call, and says to her boyfriend that the battery run out and that she had to connect the cellphone to a charger while she continue sucking student’s penis. She whispers to student that she needs his penis inside her. Without waiting for an answer, she climbs over the student and introduce his penis in her vagina and starts riding the student penis. She HAS NOT taken off her bath clothes. She can’t keep her moaning at low level, but she tries. After a while riding she opens her bath clothes while starts to ride harder. (For the riding part I would like something like this: https://www./view_video.php?viewkey=ph58a25a3f48b1e, just inspiration. Note that just the part of “normal” riding, I don’t want reverse riding). Her boyfriend ask her what is happening, she says nothing. She keeps riding and her moaning goes up. She throws the cellphone to bed, the student warns her that the call is still going on, that her boyfriend will know. She she doesn’t care, she’s too horny to care about her boyfriend. She is completely advocated to her pleasure, she says out loud something like “it doesn’t matter, this is too good”. She takes off her batch clothes, now she is totally naked and riding hard. She is making loud moaning, she doesn’t care about the call still going on the cellphone. Finally she gives a final blow job. She receives the semen in her open mouth.

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