Sarışın tatlı genç kız Ivy Wolfe, erkek arkadaşını mutlu etmek istemektedir. Fakat dindar annesi, ikisinin buluşmasına izin vermez. Ivy’nin ise erkekleri nasıl tatmin edeceği hakkında hiçbir fikri yoktur. Eğer sevgilisini tatmin edemezse kendisini terk edeceğinden korkar. Bu yüzden de üvey babasından bu konu hakkında yardım istemeye karar verir. Üvey babası ise ona seks hakkında bildiği her şeyi birince elden öğretecektir! HD 720p Türkçe Ivy Wolfe altyazılı porno seyret.

Please teach me how to make boys feel good Step-Daddy

Ivy just got a boyfriend and she wants to make sure he’s happy, but with a religious step-mom who never let her date, Ivy doesn’t know what to do with boys. She doesn’t want her new boyfriend to break up with her, so she comes to you, her cool stepdad for some advice. She is so pretty, and eager to learn, but she needs some practical experience. Maybe You can help her out? She asks you to lay down so she can see how to touch a boy to make them feel good. You’re happy to let her unzip your pants and pull out your big Step-Daddy dick. She takes it in her hand and is surprised to feel it grow with her touch. It doesn’t take long before Ivy is really getting into making her Step-Daddy’s cock hard, and it’s making her feel all tingly down in her special spot. You tell her it’s ok if she takes off some clothing, because she’s starting to get hot and feel a little weird. She takes off her shirt to reveal a pair of perfectly perky tiny breasts. Your is growing up right before your eyes. Watch HD Turkish Ivy Wolfe altyazılı porno for free.Step-Mom’s going to be back in an hour, and Ivy wants to learn everything she can. She takes off her pants and panties and shows you her smooth pink pussy. Her little pussy is wet, and she asks you if she can sit on top of your throbbing cock. She straddles you and slides down easily on your big dick – who would have guessed she’s still a virgin? She sits all the way down on your cock and you tell her to bounce up and down while you watch your cock buried in your ‘s warm pussy. You’re ready to cum, but you can’t cum in your step-daughter’s pussy, so she hops off and strokes out a big rope of cum with a look of surprise on her face. Ivy loves making her Step-Daddy cum. She may need more lessons.

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