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Son Fondle Napping Mom – Son Takes Advantage of Mom

You made sure to stay quiet as you entered Step-Mom’s bedroom. She was napping, her sandy blonde hair sprawled onto the pillow, and her body covered in silky, blue lingerie. She was undeniably beautiful, and even as her step-son, there was no way you could ignore that. Tonight was the night. You had fantasized about touching Step-Mom’s flawless, mature body, and now that she rested in front of you, unaware and unc0nscious, you could finally do it. You pulled her top to the side to expose her nipples, then gently squeezed her big tits. She moaned softly, slowly turning to the side, and then relaxed again. Your fingers slid up and down her soft, smooth body, just enough to feel her, but not to wake her up. It seemed too easy to take advantage of her this way, so you decided to take it further. You slid her panties off, then ran your fingers against her delicious, pretty pussy. Her soft moans only turned you on more, so you began to lick her pussy, savoring her sweet pussy juices. Your cock was throbbing now, and you had teased yourself to no end – it was time to take Step-Mommy. You first slipped your finger inside, then your cock, and she began to wake up. She cried in horror at the sight of what her step-son was doing to her, attempting to cover herself up, and begged for you to stop. “This isn’t right,” she cried. “Please, sweetie, get off Step-Mommy.” She tried to push you off, but that only made you want her more, so you shoved her back onto the bed. Step-Mom was panicked, scared…she didn’t know what to do. Her pussy was dripping with your cum, and all she could think to do was to tell you it was okay, to kiss you, then tell you to go to your room.This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, step-mom/step-son, POV, step-son has been fantasizing about touching his incredibly beautiful step-mom, waits until she is resting to take advantage of her, pulls her lingerie to the side, virtual tit groping, virtual tit sucking & licking, step-son undresses step-mom as she rests, step-mom moans softly and turns to the side, stripping, step-son runs fingers against step-mom’s soft & smooth body, virtual fingering, virtual pussy licking, step-son keeps taking it a step further, sex, virtual sex, missionary, step-mom wakes up & begs for step-son to stop, step-son shoves her back onto the bed and she cries, he fills her up with his cum, step-mom is scared & unsure what to do, she kisses her step-son and tells him it’s okay, older woman, younger man, MILF, step-momma’s boy, lingerie, silk & satin, blondes, step-son fondle step-mom. Watch HD Turkish subtitled uyuyan annesine tecavüz ediyor porn.

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